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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

From the Principal’s Desk


  • Upcoming Events

  • Literacy Initiative

  • Iowas Assessments

PreSchool: A place where we learn, grow, and make good friends!

It has been an exciting few weeks for our Preschoolers who have adapted to the routine of school where they look forward to the fun topics and skills they learn each day! From Friday assemblies, core subjects, to p.e., swimming, play, and more, our preschool is a thriving place that sets a successful foundation for lifelong learning.

The first month of back to school has been a month of transitions! We have welcomed new faces and have said goodbye to some!

It is with mixed emotions to announce that Ms. Fiona bids us farewell. Ms. Fiona has been a constant, reliable pillar of the Meridian and Windsor families for many years, but she is now transitioning to a new season in life. While we are sad to see her leave, we are happy for her as she embarks on this next chapter. Her last day officially with us was last Friday the 29th; however, we hope that she will not be a stranger and pop in to see us from time to time. We do wish Ms. Fiona well and thank her for her years of dedicated service.

As for the Grade 2 teacher role, I am pleased to announce that Ms. Dereal Maycock is our new class teacher. You may have seen Ms. Dereal around campus assisting one of our Grade 3 students since the start of this school year. She is a qualified teacher and has a Bachelor of Education degree in Early Childhood Education. She is excited to be part of the team and brings her skills, vitality and vigor to the role. She will be assisted by Ms. Gerquay, the class TA, who is a familiar face to the Meridian Family.

  • October 6 is Dollars for Duds (First Fridays!) Students can come dressed in their own clothes for $2. Accounts will be charged.

  • October 9 - National Heroes Day - School is closed.

  • October 20. 8:30 to 4:00 pm - Parent Teacher Conferences. A reminder email will be sent home to notify parents when to check their family’s Sycamore account in order to schedule a conference time with their child’s teacher. The Mid-Term Progress report will also be released at this time. There will be no school on this day.

  • October 23-27 Mid-Term Break. School reopens Monday, October 30.

School-Wide Literacy Campaign

October 2 - November 17

Students in our Grades 1-6 are participating in the Global Read Aloud 2023 project as part of our School-wide literacy campaign. Ms. Melissa and Ms. Harmony, who have organized this project, will have students read 6 books by celebrated author, Jacqueline Woodson, in class for 6 weeks! Then, we will have a primary celebration during Assembly to discuss the books and the author’s style! This will lead into Literacy Week, which is scheduled for November 20-24.

“Throughout my teaching career I have found that the majority of students who are having challenges in school are doing so because their reading and comprehension skills are not as strong as they should be. It is Ms. Harmony's and my goal to foster a love of reading throughout The Meridian and help to bridge any gaps students may have. Once students feel confident with their reading they will start to enjoy it. Reading is so important as it impacts every subject that a child takes. In order to understand what you are being taught or revise for a Celebration of Learning, you have to be able to read the material and understand what you are reading. By helping students to see the magical world that reading opens up for them through the Reading Room and different reading initiatives, we hope that every student at The Meridian School will want to pick up a book, or if they must, an iPad, and choose apps like Epic! rather than other games they play. Reading is an adventure that should be shared with everyone around you!” ~ Ms. Melissa


Our Reading Room is ready!

Students can now enjoy the many books we have in stock. Each section is categorized according to genres and lovingly organized by Ms. Harmony and Ms. Melissa.


The Meridian School performs well on Iowas Assessments

The Iowas assess achievement in vocabulary, word analysis, reading, listening, language, mathematics, computation, social studies and science. Students in Rising 5 and Grades 1-6 sit these exams. Note that students sat these exams in May 2023.

I am pleased to inform you that overall, our students have performed admirably, with a significant number of them performing above or at grade level.

Their hard work, dedication, and persistence have paid off, and it is a testament to their teachers, support from home, and their academic prowess. Here are some key highlights from the recent test results:

  • Scores: A substantial number of our students scored either at or above the average grade level, showcasing their solid understanding of the subjects tested. Students in R5 through Grade 3, as a class, showed students working one grade above their level with consistent scores in Language Arts, math, social studies and science. Students in Grades 4-6 acted similarly with most students performing one grade above their level with some performing at grade level.

  • Exceptional Effort: The exceptional effort put forth by both our students and our educators has played a pivotal role in achieving these commendable results. Our teachers have been instrumental in providing quality education and support, while our students have embraced their roles as active learners.

  • Positive Learning Environment: The positive and nurturing learning environment at Meridian has fostered a sense of motivation and a love for learning among our students. It is evident that they have flourished academically in this setting.

  • Parental Involvement: We also recognize the invaluable role parents and guardians play in the academic success of our students. Your continued support, encouragement, and involvement in your child's education have undoubtedly contributed to their achievements.

It is essential to celebrate these achievements and the collective effort of our school community in nurturing the potential of our students. We believe that these results are a stepping stone towards even greater accomplishments in the future.

As we move forward, we remain committed to providing a comprehensive and enriching educational experience for our students. We will continue to work diligently to help them reach their full potential and achieve their academic goals.

Once again, congratulations to our students for their impressive performance. We are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your child's individual test results further, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. A copy of each individual results will be available at the PTC from your child’s current teacher.


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