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Our School

Meridian School is a creative, inclusive school with over two decades  of providing a strong academic foundation for children in Nursery through Grade Six (6), ages two (2) through twelve (12) years old.  

We boast seasoned, committed and passionate teachers in a warm, nurturing,  environment which sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning.  

Based on the knowledge  that an emotionally  intelligent child is more likely to experience successful life outcomes, The Meridian School is built on the tenets of self awareness and respect, accountability, relational awareness and empathy. 


Our egalitarian commitment to IQ and  EQ affords our students the opportunity to develop confidence and the ability to navigate challenges without weakening.  


Welcome to Meridian School.

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Lisa Sawyer 

Director's Welcome

“Excellence has its own unique criteria: a gifted musician might not also be an A+ student in English. I believe that it is up to us as educators to discover and unlock that excellence in each child.”

Lisa is the founder and director of The Meridian School at Unicorn Village and Windsor Schools.  She is deeply committed to student success through a strong academic foundation coupled with the development of emotional intelligence. 


She believes firmly that the opportunity to live your passion, with a solid understanding of responsibility, compassion, and the desire for and belief in success is the future of education.

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Mission & Philosphy 

The Meridian School’s objective is to offer a nurturing environment for learning and personal growth so that each child’s potential could be fully explored and developed.


We believe in the importance of nurturing natural curiosity, self-learning and critical thinking skills. During this crucial developmental stage, our ultimate objective is to help children  build self-confidence, self-respect and respect for others, and to lay a firm foundation for a successful life.


The Meridian School’s philosophy is multifaceted:

• We firmly believe in the “small school” concept and the sense of community it fosters among students, parents, and teachers. 

• We believe every test, goal, or effort is an opportunity for our children to celebrate their excellence, to enthusiastically showcase their knowledge and innate ability, to deepen their understanding of scholastic, artistic, and social lessons which will propel them into adulthood. 

• We believe that an inclusive culture of learning should be nurtured for all children, no matter where their abilities lie. 

• We believe children should be challenged in their own thinking and the thinking of others; so they can strive for continuous improvement and be motivated to become lifelong learners. 

• We believe as educators we are to help develop self-discipline, self-respect, empathy and capacity in our children so they have the tools needed to be an independent, self-motivated person with an awareness and understanding of the world around them and what is expected of them.

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