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From the Principal’s Desk


  • February Recap

  • Upcoming Events & Reminders

  • Parent Teacher Conference


The Yellow team shone brightly and emerged the winning team at our annual Sports Day held Monday, February 26 at the Thomas A Robinson sports stadium. The other teams showed up just as brilliantly with Blue in second place, Green emerging in third place and Orange finishing in fourth place. It was a great turnout as students participated in events like soccer, obstacle course, throwing, and relay and sprint races! Even the parents and staff showed their athletic prowess by taking to the track in some spirited races (all in the name of fun!). Thanks to Coach Crachad, Coach Trae and the entire staff for ensuring Sports Day 2024 was a success!

  • March 1 (tomorrow) is Dollars for Duds (First Fridays!) Students can come dressed in their own clothes for $2. Accounts will be charged.

  • Friday, March 8. Parent Teacher Conferences will commence from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. A reminder email will be sent home early next week to notify parents when to check their family’s Sycamore account in order to schedule a conference time with their child’s teacher. The Mid-Term Progress report will also be released at this time. There will be no school on this day. Report cards for Term 2 will be issued on Sycamore on April 2.

  • March 11-15 - Term 2 exams for Grades 1-6. Teachers will be in communication regarding a schedule for their classes.

  • March 13 - Launch date for Pre ION. We are pleased to announce that in the fall we will open a preschool ION class in the new school year! We will have a parent information evening for prospective parents on March 13 at the school from 6 pm to 8pm. Practitioners in the educational arena will share invaluable insights in support of our students with learning differences. Additionally, parents can learn of transitional programmes for some of our ION graduates at this event as well. Please see below for more information.

  • Our Spring Production, originally scheduled for March 21, is postponed to April 25th. Stay tuned for future updates on an exciting show curated by our Ms. Lisa.

  • March 22 - School closes for Easter Break at midday. There will be no lunch orders taken on this day. School will reopen for Term 3 on April 8.

  • Having students to school on time is integral to their success in the classroom as teachers start off with going over the agenda for the day so students are informed, recap and reinforce a previous lesson, or start a new one while they are fresh in the morning. Preschool starts promptly at 9 a.m. and Grades 1-6 & ION start at 8:30 a.m. Please ensure that your child has a great start to their day by being on time.


Our pre-school programme, Pre ION, accepts students from ages 3 to age 5. These children will be exposed to the building blocks for learning with an aim to work on communication and social interaction skills and fine motor and gross motor skills.

At the age of six (6) years of age, students then progress to ION and are set to graduate at twelve (12) years of age. Before graduation, learners and their parents will learn of transitional programmes that will allow them to follow a path that best fits their child’s needs. At ION, we believe that individuals should always be in their most appropriate and least restrictive learning environment. ION prepares our learners for the next stage of their educational journey.


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