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Preschool Curriculum 

Play. Create. Learn. Preschool is all about discovery! At The Meridian school, we have developed a holistic, integrated curriculum that exposes our boys and girls to a plethora of exciting academic, physical, and socio-emotional lessons. Our core framework prioritises learning through play, inquiry, and perspective-based techniques. The result? Activating a mindset of curiosity, creativity, and joyful learning.  


Our students in Nursery and Rising 3s benefit from the STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, art, and technology) based curriculum, Learning Beyond Paper. A social-constructivist curriculum, incorporating Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication and Creativity. 


Through modelling, scaffolding, extending learning, and encouragement, students meet and often exceed age-appropriate developmental milestones and academic accomplishments. 


Rising 4s and Rising 5s students build on this foundation through the dynamic melding of Core Knowledge and Jolly Phonics curriculums.  


The Core Knowledge Sequence encourages the coherent progression of skills and knowledge in the following areas: Physical Well-Being and Motor Development, Social and Emotional Development, Approaches to Learning, Language, Knowledge Acquisition and Cognitive Development. 


“A specific, explicit sequence of skills and knowledge, like the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence, allows teachers, parents, or other caregivers to guide a young child’s development in an apprentice like fashion, taking into account a child’s particular competencies so as to offer those experiences that most closely match his or her present level, while providing the stepping stones to higher levels of competence and understanding. The child’s current skills and knowledge become the starting place for new experiences and instruction, rather than a limitation or restriction.” 


Additionally, our Jolly Phonics curriculum  is a fun and child-centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. Using a multi-sensory approach, students learn through songs, stories, action, and art. In our 2 year program, students progress through the systematic teaching of phonics, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  


Richly textured learning experiences make up the fabric of our curriculum. Through carefully constructed, child-centred experiences, we inspire curiosity, wonder, and a life-long love of learning. 

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Primary School Curriculum

The Meridian School uses the foundations of The Calvert Curriculum as the major portion of its integrated Language Arts, Math, and Science programming. Calvert has been providing school services for over 100 years and is fully internationally accredited. We have enjoyed a productive relationship with them from the beginning and have successfully implemented their programme that promotes and achieves academic excellence.  

Our curriculum is supplemented with the Bahamian Social Studies Curriculum and other programs to enhance academic development and independent learning. 

Technology in the Classroom: In our efforts to go paperless, technology has become an integral role in the delivery of our curriculum.  Every teacher and child in our Grade 1 - Grade 6 classes deliver, and complete assignments on an ipad, through Google classroom. This has meant that during the pandemic, switching between online and in class instruction was seamless. Additionally, our students and teachers alike, are both familiar, and competent in teaching and learning via daily live streamed lessons for those at home or travelling.  

The school is equipped with 10 Apple Tv’s and Promethean Whiteboards, and students enjoy interactive instruction throughout the day. 

Students also have access to a number of digital learning enhancement  platforms including subscriptions to IXL, Readtheory, and other learning platforms. 

Hands-on individual and group projects also play a large role in assisting our students with the skills needed to effectively research and implement knowledge through a creative approach to learning and understanding.  

In addition to the core subjects, all students at The Meridian School are scheduled for weekly Spanish classes with a native Spanish-speaking instructor. 

The Meridian School boasts an extensive, well-resourced Performing Arts department. Students are trained in the elements of music including: theory, choral and solo singing, and instruments. They enjoy many live performance opportunities throughout the year.  

Our comprehensive Creative Arts department provides our elementary students with weekly classes, with introduction to Art History in Grades 4 and higher. 

Our Physical Education program includes tennis, swimming, basketball and soccer and offers a fun, well balanced and interactive fitness program that encourages children to be healthy, while developing self-confidence, self-discipline, and teamwork.

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