The Meridian School philosophy is that every test, goal or effort is an opportunity for
our children to celebrate their excellence, to showcase with fanfare and excitement their knowledge and understanding of scholastic, artistic, social and spiritual lessons which will ground them into adulthood.

We have a strong and renown curriculum which exposes our children to both national and international skills and resources. Because we truly believe that imagination is a preview of life's coming attractions, we are proud of our reputation for incorporating a generous emphasis on creativity, independence, and confident, articulate self-expression.

We are a non-denominational school which celebrates Christian and other values including self-discipline, gratitude praise and reassurance in the nurture of our children. Positivity, innovation, imagination and creativity do not pass easily through closed doors so we keep ours open to our teachers, students and parents who we encourage to participate in our children's experience here at The Meridian School.

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