The Meridian School is curriculum partners with The Calvert School in Baltimore, Maryland.  The school uses The Calvert Curriculum as the major portion of its integrated language arts, math and science curriculum. Calvert has been providing school services for over 100 years and is fully internationally accredited.

Partnership with The Calvert School means The Meridian School has the benefit of the services of The Calvert School's team of curriculum coordinators.  This team evaluates and selects textbooks, workbooks, and study aids of all major educational publishers for inclusion in the courses. Our curriculum is supplemented with the Bahamian Social Studies Curriculum and other programs to enhance academic development and independent learning. It was designed to develop a keen sense of self worth in its students.

Technology plays an integral role in the delivery of our curriculum.  The school is equipped with 13 Promethean Interactive Whiteboards – one board per class, Plus 2 desktop computers per class and 20 HP laptops.  Students now enjoy interactive instruction and educational videos to support the curriculum.

Technology classes are scheduled weekly for all grade levels.               pg 2>

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